Sunday, 2 October 2011

Y4 - 2/365: Sunday Funsies

Em & Daz were over this afternoon with Amy for Sunday dinner. After we finished eating, the kids carried on playing with the toys and pottering around the front room...that is, until Ryan spotted something outside. It seems the new neighbours were out doing work in the garden and they had their two Labradors, whom Ryan loves (from afar).

So outside we went with toys aplenty at their fingertips!

Ryan enjoyed a good game of catch with Auntie Emma...

...and even some swinging on the "big boy" swing!

And then...theeennnn...Daddy got out the BUBBLES!!

May as well soak up this unexpected sun while it is still here. We've heard we're meant to have snow by the end of the week!!! WHAAAAAT?!

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