Saturday, 15 October 2011

Y4 - 15/365: Christmas? So Soon?!

Upon arriving at Em & Daz's tonight we were informed there was a gift for Ryan that couldn't wait until Christmas. It was initially meant to be reserved for that very occasion, but Ryan has a very generous Auntie Emma who just couldn't resist. There's no doubt this Thomas & Friends train set will be a hit once we get home and have it all set up!

So, Auntie Emma & Uncle Daz...when you read this, Ryan says, "Ta!"

Speaking of gifts...for Amy's 2nd birthday in July, we bought her the game Elefun and tonight we had the opportunity to see what the adverts were all about. The kids LOVED it and I must say, I've never seen such big grins on their faces!

Basically the battery-operated machine spits out nylon "twists" (butterflies) through its long, plastic "trunk" and the object of the game is to catch these "butterflies" in nets. Amy's object of the game was to intercept the butterfly release by knocking over the trunk...but I suppose her game, her rules...right?

Of course, then Ryan decided he found another use for the nets.

Yes...we have strange children.

Apple. Tree. Enough said.

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