Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Y4 - 26/365: Meet Skelly

Ryan very much likes things on his terms. Wearing the "hood" of his newly purchased Halloween costume for a quick photo -- NOT on his terms.

We took the bus to Merry Hill today to get some bits and look for a costume. In fact, we tried to take it yesterday, but ended up waiting over an hour while the first scheduled bus didn't even show and it was raining like mad by the time the second showed up. Thinking our wait was over I hoisted a soggy, wiggly Ryan onto my hip as bus 123 approached, slowed, and then KEPT ON DRIVING PAST US!!!

To say I was fuming was an understatement!! I was flailing my arms in vain, however, because the driver apparently had NO intention of stopping as he continued around the corner. We ended up sludging home in the rain and did our best to dry off by the time Matt returned home so we could pop back out for our weekly grocery shop.

I nearly thought we were going to have another transportation issue today when bus 238 arrived and the driver informed me I would need to collapse the pushchair to board. As I am (again) trying to maneuvere my wriggly toddler while folding down the pushchair, another passenger peeks her head around to tell me, "mate, it's okay...leave the babby in the pram, it's okay." Confused I looked at the driver who was explaining to her and her friend that he only had insurance for two buggies. He then looked back at me and said it was okay to board because she folded down her own chair and had her (much older) child sit in a seat with her friend.

So good to know there are still some decent and selfless people in the world.

Matalan was our first stop once we reached the mall. I had seen a little, purple Dracula costume the week before and I was hoping they had it in his size. However, not only was it not in his size, but they didn't even have that one at all! My only choice was the skeleton. I wasn't very keen, but they were half-price, making the purchase a whopping £3.50.


We wandered around the centre a bit more, had some sandwiches from Greggs for lunch, bought a cookie and then eventually made our way to the outdoor play area to wait for Matt to leave work and pick us up.

Ryan met a new little friend, Oscar, in the play area who was equally as smiley and happy as him. Oscar was only 19 months but they babbled back and forth like a couple of old cronies, with Ryan repeatedly asking Oscar, "What's that?"

Shortly after arriving home we tried on the costume and after reaching an "agreement" to leave the hood bit off, he gave it a test "run."


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