Sunday, 16 October 2011

Y4 - 16/365: A Story

He just had to get in on the action! I was originally trying to get a photo of him playing with his new train set, but between the cat interrupting the shot and me having to "rebuild" the track because Ryan sat on it, it wasn't going well. By the time I went to lie on the floor for a good angle, Ryan thought I was playing a game, so he lay across the track until his face was in view.

The nut.

Later, at Em & Daz's, I caught a rare moment of the kids sitting side-by-side on the settee as Amy "read" to Ryan what the pictures were in her ABC book. She's coming along BRILLIANTLY with her vocabulary and it makes me even more anxious for Ryan to get to that stage!

It was sweet to see the pair of them because on the page where it showed a picture of markers, Ryan shouted "kuh-woh!" and Amy carried on with, "red, green, purple..." to name each one.

So glad we have such clever kiddos!

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