Monday, 3 October 2011

Y4 - 3/365: A Bit of Home-Schooling

My schedule is a bit different this week so I decided to make use of our Monday and take Ryan to the library to return some books and check some more out. He was so helpful taking books out of his rucksack to be scanned back in and then when it was time to go, he handed me the new ones to be checked out and promptly grabbed our receipt ticket and placed it in with the books.

He's still a bit young to be excited about the library and borrowing books as he mostly wants to run around and sit on the furniture. His first book was about Charley Bear, that plays on CBeebies, so I made that one of our four choices.

He also picked one up with some lions called 'Just Like My Dad' so that was a must since he is so much like his own!

He surprised me when it was time to go home by walking ALL the way back on his own, just holding my hand! That's nearly a whole mile!!

After a good nap and an afternoon cheese sandwich, we went out to the garden for a bit more fresh air. He wandered around a bit and finally settled down by some stones where we discovered a baby snail. I did my best to follow his lead but still made sure he didn't try to pick it up and eat it.

Imagine my relief when all he wanted to do was pet him. Unfortunately, he didn't know that Mr. Snail was not as strong and solid as our cat, so his stroke of the hand ended up breaking the suction he had on the rock and he toppled into the pebbles. I decided it was probably best then to go inside before he crushed the poor thing.

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