Saturday, 29 October 2011

Y4 - 29/365: Essington Fruit Farm

We're a bit behind this year in selecting a pumpkin so decided to check out Essington Fruit Farm, just north of Wolverhampton. Fellow expat, Erin, made the suggestion as she has taken her son there as well, so we gave it a go.

Due to our own poor timing, all that remained was a covered-tent area with the selection of what was left and picked over. We decided to let Ryan pick his own...whatever he could pick up and carry...we would get.

Finally! Ryan emerged with a £1.25 pumpkin!

While Daddy went in to pay, Ryan and I checked out some of the animals out on the farm. Ryan's favourite phrase at the moment is "Wha's thahh?" He enthusiastically asks us this ALL THE TIME!!

We strolled towards the entrance to check out the Peppa Pigs and he squealed with delight -- he loved them! We're still working on saying 'pig' though.

On the way home we met up with Erin briefly at Merry Hill in the Sainsbury's car park. She generously brought along some books and a few gently used toys that belonged to her son to pass on to Ryan. Once we got home, Ryan couldn't wait to check out the books! He'd pull each one out of the bag and coo, "booooook!"

I was amazed at how many books there were! They fill up an entire extra shelf on his bookshelf now and Ryan has such a big selection to choose from! I'm so grateful to know such thoughtful people, like a huge thanks to Erin and her son, from Matt, Ryan and myself for their kindness!

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