Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Y4 - 19/365: Sing-Along With Me!

To look at this photo, one might assume young Ryan is in a bit of a mood. However, contrary to that belief, he is simply concentrating REALLY HARD to the lyrics to the intro in Raa Raa. He was jumping and dancing along with his "new" teddy friend and with all of his might letting out the most ferocious and dedicated lion "Raa's" I have ever heard.

That's not a frown you see...that's sheer determination!

It's really too bad that England isn't as big on Trick-or-Treat (the way "we" do it, at least) because he'd be kitted out in a Raa Raa costume -- yellow face-paint and all!

Today was my first and only (as far as I know) day of work this week and then all the children are off next week for half-term. I had several teachers asking me personally if I would be covering them later in the week as I have been filling a regular spot since the start of school, but I honestly wasn't able to confirm anything since the school have yet to request me from my agency. It's still nice to know they have requested me for all the work I have had to this point and I can only hope it will pick back up once school is back until the holidays.

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