Sunday, 23 October 2011

Y4 - 23/365: Daddy "Duty"

Although Matt would certainly never see playing and interacting with our son as a chore, I imagine it must have been quite difficult for him physically tonight when Ryan grabbed his hand to lead him over to his ramp where he promptly "made" him squat down and play "racing."

I mentioned that Matt spent the weekend with Daz down with friends in Torquay celebrating a birthday, but I discovered something unfortunate last night when Ryan and I made a video call to his mobile so Ryan could see him and say goodnight. He answered his phone and I could hear the wincing in his voice that I know all too well, so I asked what happened. He explained how he hurt his back and thinks it might have been the way he slept, so he was sitting at home alone while everyone else was out on the town. He said he felt awful not only because of the physical pain, but also because it meant he was simply "stuck" inside and hundreds of miles from us as well so it made it seem even worse.

Although the pain has started to ease off a bit tonight since he's been home, he has still been having the pains off and on and any sudden bending can trigger that.

Still, it warms my heart because I know just as I would do anything for our little guy, Matt is working through the discomfort just to have his usual Ryan-Daddy time. He wouldn't miss it for anything!

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