Friday, 9 October 2009

Year 2 Day 9: Xbox Abduction

The end has arrived...or the beginning, however you choose to look at it. You see, this game for Xbox 360, Operation Flashpoint was just released in the UK today. Matt has been patiently waiting since his birthday (10th August) for this game as it was his promised gift off Emma. I'm not joking about his anticipation as he made a b-line for Em's right after work today to pick it up so that he could have a go before Em & Daz arrived at ours tonight.

I'm going to start a pool just to see what the odds are as to the next time I will see my husband's face or have his complete attention. I mean, honestly look at the sheer concentration as he sits less than a metre from the television -- the man is one with the game! He didn't even notice me taking the photo or bother to turn around to poke fun of me for having the camera in my hand for yet another silly photo.

To be fair, it does seem to have a lot of "Bells and Whistles" to it for a multi-person co-op war game. It is based off an actual location in real life...apparently an island off the coast of Japan. The game map itself takes somewhere near 9 hours of proper game time to I don't think hubby is going anywhere for a while.

I will say this, I love him with all my heart, but...I draw the line at sponge baths in the front room and spoon-feeding him his tea. This also includes administering eye-drops when they eventually glaze over from the endless hours of trying to gain even more achievements.

::hubby pokes head in at this point to insist that I make clear to any readers that he is 'not THAT bad' (and he isn't...he's just easy to wind-up)::

In other news, our baby niece made a cameo tonight in a very snazzy pair of pink & aqua socks with strawberries...

...oh yeah, and she brought Em & Daz with her as well to share some pizza, too.

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