Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Year 2 Day 21: Welcome to Middle School

Today's supply teaching adventure led me on my longest solo-trip Droitwich in Worcestershire. I was assigned an absolutely awesome and well-behaved Year 5 class and did some PPA cover for a Year 7 group as well. The school was so nice and the staff was friendly -- it was completely refreshing, to be honest. A welcome change from what I am typically assigned and used to.

Having a bit of experience now with Year 5 (from when I took over a class last summer term) I really hit the ground running. One thing I made sure to do was use my nationality (which I knew would come up as soon as I spoke) as some classroom motivation. Since each lesson had a different mixture of students, I had to introduce myself each class period. I made it very clear right away that yes, I was American and although that may increase their desire to ask me lots of questions about 'where I've been' and 'who I know'...or even, 'what's the best part,' we still had work that needed to be complete and I would be more than happy to discuss those questions once students got on with their work and showed me respect and sensible behaviour.

Believe it or not...this method actually WORKED! The majority of them got busy straightaway and I held my end of the bargain by floating around to help and answer questions here and there.

"Yes, I have been to New York...what number have you gotten to on your numeracy?"

"Florida is quite nice and yes, I have been there on, tell me more about what you've managed to research so far on the Roman Empire?"

"Yes, we watch The Simpsons and Family Guy in America...have you made sure your writing is discussing both sides of the argument of why or why not mobile phones should be allowed in school?"

The classroom I was in for most of the day was aesthetically pleasing as well. Everything was well organised and the students really took pride in tidying up at the end of the day and asking if I needed help with anything. I definitely made sure to leave a list of names and I hope they get some praise from their teacher when she returns.

Luckily I recognised most of the route the SatNav took me as I had traveled with Matt a couple of times when he'd made deliveries in Evesham. I even managed to successfully navigate the M5 on the way there. Go me!

The return trip was another about an M5 FAIL. I was traveling in the lane marked for the M5 when it tricked me and landed me on the M42! And do you know what is worse than to be headed the wrong direction down the M42? Try, learning that the SatNav wants to make you exit at the next junction (4 miles away) and re-route you to double back the way you just came (4 more miles back) and right in direct sunlight. Not. Fun. At. All.

No offense Britain, but give me an American Freeway any day. At least for the most part there is an exit or turn-off every couple of miles.

Still, I managed to make it home in one piece and just in time to be welcomed by a tall mug of tasty coffee, made with love by hubby. Perfect end to my day!

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Smocha said...

I can't beleive you drive here. lol

You go gutsy :)

I think I'm too scared to ever drive unless we get an automatic car.

Sounds like a lovely day you had :)