Friday, 30 October 2009

Year 2 Day 30: His & Hers

Awe, it's because we just share everything, right? Even illness! Matt said he was feeling a bit crap last night before bed, so I wasn't surprised when I rang him before his dinner at work this afternoon and he was already all congested. I immediately called Albion House (for the upteenth time this week) and scheduled him a visit with the GP so they could get him some meds STAT. Score one for the good wifey!

As soon as they looked him over and he mentioned his pregnant wife had just been prescribed Amoxicillin, they didn't waste any time getting him his own supply. We noticed when he brought them home however, that his (250 mg) are half the strength of mine (500 mg) and we can't figure it out. The bonus is, at least, that we're on the same 8-hour intervals for taking the pills, so it's easier to not forget.

Hopefully his recovery won't be as long as mine, but it's looking like another 'sequestered couple' weekend for us.

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Christine said...

I hope you guys get better quickly!!