Monday, 12 October 2009

Year 2 Day 12: Walk It Out

I was a complete tourist today on the way back from my walk to Asda. This is a sculpture of the Briar Rose (Brierley Hill's namesake) and it sits on the lawn at the corner in front of the municipal building for West Midlands Police Department. It's a bit faded and looks to need a good touch up on paint at the moment, but out of all the 'modern art' on traffic islands around town, this is by far my favourite. I always want to stop and snap a photo, but because of the location being at a main junction, whipping out the Kodak would SCREAM 'tourist' I opted to discretely use the G1 instead and brighten the resolution a bit in Photoshop.

You did read correctly that I walked to Asda rather than drove. This was purely down to the sad fact that I could not locate a stupid £1 coin that would be required for their Pay & Display car park. To be fair, it's Dudley Council that charges the fee (and Asda refunds it on your shopping) but it's a royal pain if you don't have the coin on hand to begin with as I have surely blogged about recently.

The walking itself wasn't bad. I actually enjoy a nice walk and would like to do it more often, but after today, I question my own stamina and physical capability. On my G1, My Tracks logged the trip in its entirety as being 2.34 km (for my fellow Americans that would be more understandable as 'just under a mile and a half') so surely you understand my frustration when just a few days back I had walked over a solid mile and felt great. I was admittedly a bit winded when I got home, but after about two hours I could barely move. The sciatic pain in my left leg was excruciating and I couldn't even pull my unevenly proportioned body off the sofa to go up and use the bathroom -- and believe when I say I HAD to go.

Matt returned home just before 5pm to find me all pathetic and near seemingly virtual paralysis. Luckily I was able to take some paracetomol and it has taken a bit of the edge off...but suffice it to say, I still feel as though I rode too long on a bike with a big plastic banana seat. Owwie.

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