Monday, 26 October 2009

Year 2 Day 26: Diagnosis...Laryngitis

With my condition not improving, I made a call this morning to the doctor's surgery first thing and they were able to get me in before noon on an 'emergency' basis (I'm assuming because I'm pregnant). When I got there, the waiting room was packed and I wasn't prepared to have another day like last Thursday (day 22), so I asked if I could wait down the corridor instead.

I hadn't managed to sit for even five minutes before Dr. Hooker called me back into her office. I described my symptoms and after she had a listen to my lungs and checked my ears and throat, she determined it was purely viral and appeared to be laryngitis. This meant, nothing more could be done outside of... ::drumroll:: ...paracetamol.


I begged her to tell me asked if there was ANYTHING more I could take for my throat as that feeling alone was causing me to lose sleep. She suggested Dequacaine and said Matt would probably have to get it for me as some pharmacists are reluctant to give it to pregnant women, despite it being completely safe.

In less than 10 minutes, I entered, waited, and exited Albion House Surgery with a diagnosis of 'Laryngitis' and the depressing news that there was nothing more that could be done as antibiotics would not have any effect on a viral invasion. In fact, I was told it could take up to an additional 7 days to clear completely from my system.

I quickly went home and made some sandwiches for Matt to take to him at work. He came with me to Morrisons so I could get the Dequacaine. I decided on the spray at first, thinking it would provide immediate relief, even though dear hubby tried to warn me of its potency. Instead, the only thing it provided was a reason for my head to end up over the toilet drooling like a rabid dog and desperately trying to catch my breath. Subsequently a text message was sent to Matt asking him to pick up the lozenges instead on his way home.

I'm building up quite the pharmacy in my medicine cabinet, in case anyone is interested.


Kim said...

Feckin' paracetemol!!! I don't know what it is about the UK and this 'wonder drug'! No matter what you have (a cold, menstrual cramps, cancer), this is what is prescribed. Ridiculous. I'm glad to hear you're finally on the mend after she prescribed you real drugs.

Christine said...

LOL @ Kim's comments! hehe I do agree though, everybody here thinks this is a wonder drug. :)