Thursday, 29 October 2009

Year 2 Day 29: Daddy's Home!

This is our favourite time of day -- when Matt returns from work. I usually make sure Matt has a cup of coffee waiting while he goes and changes out of his work clothes and has a quick wash, and Myst will typically follow him around like a puppy during this time waiting for the opportunity have a play. It's really sweet to see because as soon as we hear his car pull onto the drive, Myst is at the front door or waiting at the window to welcome him as if to excitedly proclaim, "Daddy's home!"

Some of their routine involves Myst jumping into the chair with Matt as he's getting ready to play on the Xbox. Myst wants to make sure that Matt knows he is there and requires fuss.

Alternatively, Myst will climb a few steps and try to bat his paws at Matt through the bannister in this fun little game. I tried to get the funniest part, which is when he gets his kitty head stuck and can't pull it back quite fast enough. You can see Myst's "thumb" pretty clearly though in this shot.

If I'm lucky enough, I can usually make it home before Matt on days when I get called in to work -- depending on how far away the school is located. The kids are on half-term this week, so schools haven't been in fortunate that I was able to "schedule" my illness for this week in particular.

On a side-note: I am 34 weeks today -- woohoo! Let the 4-6 week countdown begin until another little guy will be excited as well when his daddy gets home!

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Christine said...

That looks like a really fun game! My cats would have way too much fun if our stairs were open like that. Could imagine them jumping on our head while sitting down. lol