Saturday, 24 October 2009

Year 2 Day 24: SickO!

Welcome to my bedside "sick-table" where valuable resources have collected throughout the day. I'm not sure what lucky ailment is using my body as a host to strengthen its forces, but let this be a warning that I am armed and semi-dangerous. Although, not as dangerous as I would prefer to be as pregnancy won't allow me to bring out the 'heavy' artillery.

I've spent almost the entire day in bed (or soaking my manatee-like body in the tub) in a desperate attempt to rest and rejuvenate and I've only just gathered enough strength to emerge from my dimly-lit duvet-cocoon. (Below I have provided a duplicate photo identifying all my weaponry.)

A) Toilet Roll: A basic staple when feeling a bit poorly to trap creepy fluids likely to drip from one's nose (thankfully for now, this is just a precautionary supply).

B) Ginger Ale: To aid with any throat tickle and otherwise make tummy queasiness subside (hubby would like me to point out that it is 'American' Ginger Ale which means it has an accent when you open it).

C) Honey-Lemon 'Locket': Throat lozenge to relieve throat soreness and unblock sinuses with liquidy menthol centre (this particular one was where I decided I had reached my limit and was forced to spit it out onto a pad of post-its).

D) Green Tea with Lemon: Full of lemony taste and antioxidants to battle ickyness into the stomach where it cannot survive (hubby, being a forward-thinker and my hero, also added honey to help soothe my scratchy throat as well -- LOVE THAT MAN).

E) Eyeglasses: Not necesarilly a resource for fighting against being poorly, but they do help me see since my eyes are too itchy to handle my contact lenses.

F) Shaolin Mug: Although you cannot see the design, a bit ironic that the very mug containing my Green tea is a mug Matt acquired from a trip to see the Shaolin Monks (who are well-known for being highly-skilled martial artists and able to withstand significant amounts of pain through their deep spirituality). 

Perhaps it will help me channel some inner-chi as well?

G) Paracetamol (with caffeine): The strongest form of pain relief available to pregnant women (roughly the equivalent of putting a band-aid on a snake bite).

**Not pictured -- Digital Thermometer: Matt also popped out to his parents' so I could borrow their digital thermometer to keep an eye on my temperature. It's currently 36.45 degrees celsius and as frustrating as it is that I have to go through conscious effort to convert it, I know at least that I do not have a fever, which is a good sign. I tried looking on the directions for a conversion chart of some sort but the most valuable piece of information I found was a warning to not swallow the battery -- PHEW! Thank God for that!

There you have it, folks. Take note if you must. I'm just hoping I have caught whatever this is in time so it doesn't have the chance to develop into anything related to the pandemic I refuse to speak of.

::checks tailbone for curly, pink tail (just in case)::


Valerie said...

I have yet to master translating celcius into fahrenheit in my head.

martinek2b said...

Hope you feel better soon! I know it sucks being sick AND pregnant :(