Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Year 2 Day 6: Game On...Cast On

I decided to pick up knitting again -- or rather, attempt to pick up knitting again. I've actually tried several times since last winter, but I have yet to find something that holds my attention long enough. I found in that past that I got bored after a day or so and the project would just get put away. In fact, it really died down when I started getting steady supply work and marking was more of a priority on a night than knitting. So along with the help of Google and YouTube...I am winging it and purling my way into crafty, knitted-goods success...or so I hope.

See, as much as I would like to see this project through...shortly after I started, I lost my place between K2, yfwd, sl.1 and yfwd, psso, K2 tog. This also meant I lost count of how many stitches I had done which frustrated me to the point where I would pull it all off the needle and cast on all over again. All thirty-one stitches.

This happened at least 5-7 times and became so predictable that Matt would hear me groan from the next room and I'd hear him cackling in laughter in response. It reminded me of the scene in Wayne's World when they're playing hockey in the road and they have to stop every time there is a car...then you hear them say "Game On!" only with me, it was "Cast On!"

Now I am left to wonder...is this really the best hobby for someone with a short-term memory of a gnat at the moment? Only time will tell. But at least I managed to get four solid rows of my decorative fuchsia scarf (courtesy Aldi -- tres chic, I know) completed.


Helen said...

Good for you! Keep at it! I always find knitting a really soothing way to pass the time - especially in winter.

Meg said...

I'm actually enjoying it a lot more this time around. I'm hoping to get some more inexpensive, yet soft wool this weekend to knit something for baby.