Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Year 2 Day 14: Holy Nesting-Instinct, Batman!

So what...fifty-seven days left, and counting, and THIS is when the mood decides to strike? I was doing perfectly okay being my slug-self on the sofa this afternoon...aka NORMAL. In fact, bunny's squishy baby-bum in my ribcage made it such that any position was uncomfortable and that feeling I mentioned before...that I'd ridden on a bike with a banana-seat too long hadn't gone away.

So. my solution = slug-on-couch. It's pretty effective, actually.

But this afternoon was different. This afternoon got a bit you better sit down and brace yourself.

Matt had been gone from popping home for his dinner maybe twenty whole minutes and my body arose from it's zombie-like position, dressing gown and all, and marched mindlessly upstairs to the bedroom. I got myself dressed and thought it could no longer wait...the laundry HAD to get I began with Matt's things. When the cycle finished, I brought the basket of wet clothes back upstairs to the spare room where the tumble-dryer is housed.

While loading the dryer, I felt an overwhelming need to empty all the boxes containing Matt's book collection. I carefully brought the boxes one-by-one into the bedroom and unloaded the un-related junk from the rest of the pine bookshelf in the spare room before dragging it into our bedroom as well. Then I delicately emptied the contents of each box onto the bookshelf.

This, what you're seeing in the photo, is mostly the result of a book club dear hubby had joined years ago...and look at the treasure he has accumulated! Terry Pratchett...Tolkien...R.A. Salvatore. I'm quite proud I married such a well-read man.

By the time Matt had returned home from work I had emptied all of the boxes of books, started another load in the washer, and began constructing a to-do list. I'm making lists now, people...this is SERIOUS! When my other half discovered me upstairs he asked what I was doing while he looked suspiciously at the empty boxes and then at my bump with scolding-eyes. I told him apparently I was 'nesting' and then he proceeded to feel my forehead to see if I had come down with some awful cleaning-disease. Let's face it, anyone who knows me KNOWS this is an area of domesticity where I am definitely lacking.

I blame today's tidying-frenzy events not only on nesting, but on cabin fever due to not having any work. I thought I may have gotten a call this morning after speaking to my secondary agency and learning they were getting loads of bookings they couldn't fill. However, despite willing my phone to ring, it didn't and I ended up home alone another day. I will still rate today a success though, based on the fact that I made a new discovery of approximately one whole square metre of blue carpet in the spare room.



Christine said...

That is a lot of books!

Meg said...

What can I say...he likes to read.