Saturday, 3 October 2009

Year 2 Day 3: Pick-Me-Up Parcel

Here's to a speedy UN-delivery from Royal Mail. I'm convinced they didn't even knock yesterday when my parcel actually arrived -- then again, I was spark-out upstairs. Still, to my annoyance, Matt plucked the notice out of the mailbox when he returned home on his dinner break from work, so off I went this morning to The Waterfront so I could collect said parcel from the Brierley Hill sorting office.

I must say the contents of the package, along with the thoughtfulness of the sender were really the only thing that saved me being in a funk all day. I say this because when I returned home and checked the post for Saturday, the only thing that occupied our tin mail receptacle was a single envelope from the Directorate of Urban Development of Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council -- undoubtedly the very opposite of good news. It seems as though my well-written challenge of the Penalty Charge Notice I received from the 19th of September "after careful consideration of the circumstances" was found to have no grounds for cancellation of the charge.

To this, my mature and educated response is...JERKS!

If you weren't already up to snuff on this particular rule...the pavement here in the UK is still classed as a 'highway' although it makes NO sense to me and I don't understand how I, as a motorist, should have already deduced this on my own. Needless to say it's looking like we will have to pay the fine, but I won't go down without a fight. A rough draft of a letter to the local MP is already in progress.

But back to the happy parcel!!

A fellow expat pal (and fellow Ohioan...shout out to St. Mary's *whoop, whoop*), Nikki (who has incidentally produced two absolutely GORGEOUS kiddos), has generously passed on several baby clothing items from her little boy who was born at the beginning of this year. They'll be absolutely perfect for the cold, winter weather of bunny's first few months and they're adorable to look at on top of that! Matt could see my eyes sparkle with excitement in the anticipation of placing these cozy garments on our own little guy.

Tiny confession: I even joked about trying them on the cat, but no worries...Matt quickly shot me down.

Anyway, a huge THANK YOU goes out to Nikki from Matt and me (AND baby) for thinking of us! Very awesome of you!! xx

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Gloria said...

I think you're right Meg. That was one of my biggest annoyances with deliveries in England. I once sat in my front room and watched the delivery guy post a card thru' my door and walk away towards his van without knocking. Had I not been hovering anxiously awaiting the delivery he might have gotten away but I sprang to the door and stopped him before he had a chance to get away. Why do they do that?

Ahhh, it's always nice to get a parcel from someone especially when that parcel has love all wrapped up inside.

Nice post. Off to sign up to start the journey with you here at the beginning. Pop over to my blog sometime. Today the posting is a little serious but usually we're up for a laugh or two.

Have a great week!