Saturday, 17 October 2009

Year 2 Day 17: Rituals

Nothing very photo-worthy has happened today. Matt and I stayed in bed way beyond what we should have, although it was much deserved being a Saturday. Bunny has been alternating hiccups with rolling movements and pushing his little bum deep into my ribcage all afternoon. Add some Braxton Hicks into the equation that make my whole belly feel like a hard, heavy boulder and you'd understand why lying down is really the most comfortable position -- the one with the least amount of gravity.

We spent the evening with Em & Daz...the usual...and I snapped this photo when we returned home. This web has been there forever and there's lots of little buggy bits in it. I don't know about Matt, but I haven't knocked it down yet because I quite like it in a way -- the eerie look it has. Halloween is right around the corner and it certainly saves us money on some fake-web decor.

I wonder if we'll have any trick-or-treaters?


martinek2b said...

Do they celebrate Halloween in England?

Meg said...

Some people here do, but it's not done to the extent it is in America. I missed Halloween American-style last year...but now that we have little one on the way, we'll be sure to give him a good experience.

Have the girls decided what they will be this year? My guess would be something Princess-related. :-)

Christine said...

We didn't have any trick-or-treaters last year! :( I was quite sad because Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.

You are doing better than I am though because we do not have a 'porch light' so I am not sure how kids know it is okay to stop.

I was talking about this at work the other day and somebody said to put some decals or decorations up in the window to let them know they can stop...

Although last year the only people I saw dressed up were the adults on their way to the pubs.