Friday, 23 October 2009

Year 2 Day 23: Knitty Gritty

Remember back on day 6 when I began my little project of knitting a decorative scarf? Well, BEHOLD! I give you the finished product (in just shy of a fortnight). To be fair, I didn't work religiously on it every single day, but I was definitely determined to finish it today. I would guess it might otherwise take me less than a week to do another if I worked on it non-stop. It seemed once I memorized the pattern, I was knitting full-steam and it was surprisingly therapeutic.

I have a smaller version in the same colour that I am knitting for my little niece and I'd also like to get cracking this weekend on one for Matt to wear for work this winter. He says he doesn't want the 'holes' in his, so the stitches will be pretty simple and straightforward.

I'm convinced that part of my motivation to finish today was fueled by the lousy way I felt in general -- caused by a throat tickle that started late yesterday. I planned to be nothing less than a hermit all day, and boy was I successful! I caught up on all my series-linked recordings of Dr. Phil, stayed in my PJs and drank lots of green tea with lemon in hopes the antioxidants would kill off any bacteria trying to make me poorly. My ears are now still a bit itchy, as are my eyes, but it does tend to be worse in the night.

I have to admit, it secretly makes me kind of glad that this coming week is half-term break for schools so I will have a fair amount of time to recoup from whichever thoughtful germ-carrier passed this to me.

::sprays anti-bacterial surface cleanser on keyboard after submitting blog::


Gloria said...

Love Dr Phil but love your scarf even more, its just fabulous. Any chance of making me one for Christmas LOL!!!!!

Christine said...

Meg that is more intricate than any scarf I have made! It's beautiful!! :)