Friday, 16 October 2009

Year 2 Day 16: Happy Diwali!

Both yesterday and today THIS has been the theme...sandwiches. For some reason, during free play the children have bent over backwards and "made" me so may plastic sandwiches that I would then have to pretend to gulp down in two or three bites and tell them how lovely they tasted. In case you didn't know, this is one of the many ways to put a huge grin on a 5-year-old's face when they're so eager to please you with their personal creation. Sometimes I would even joke with them that I couldn't "eat" it until they went back and put brown sauce on it because brown sauce was my favourite.

My supply post today was anything but ordinary as it was the beginning of the 5-day celebration of Diwali. The children were dressed their in their best clothes (so colourful and intricately beaded) and had an assembly where they performed first for their parents and then once more for the entire school an hour later. Following this we spent some time dancing in the hall before going to lunch and then there was yet MORE dancing afterward! (Bunny reacted the most to and particularly enjoyed Jai Ho) As if this wasn't enough celebration, we had a party that lasted for the remainder of the afternoon where myself and the other Reception teacher "catered" to the children as they sat patiently at tables to receive their portions of crisps, water, or spicy treats whilst some of them sporadically popped up to tell us they didn't like the taste of something we placed before them as they spat it back out onto their (or their neighbour's) paper towel. I'm sure I wasn't the only one who was completely shattered by the time parents arrived to collect their children.

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Gloria said...

Sounds like such fun but hard work as well! I like that different cultures appear to be celebrated where you work:)

Come see some photos of our dawn walk I posted this morning. Meg, I think you'll like them:)