Sunday, 11 October 2009

Year 2 Day 11: Messy Eater

For the past few Sundays it has been near impossible for me to not manage to wear my tea by the end of the meal. Especially with all the tasty food dripping in luscious gravy! This is why I arrived to this little surprise today -- a thoughtful 'gift' from Daz. He kindly left three squares of kitchen roll attached and even labeled it so there wasn't any confusion.

As funny as it was, wouldn't you know that I barely got through three bites before the durability of the 'bib' was put to use. If you look closely, you can probably still see some dried gravy-attack attempts. But alas...I was able to return home with a clean shirt today for the first time and not look like a slob!

I just wish bunny was in a more convenient position so I could have finished all of the meal. (He's a real 'Houdini' at minimising the capacity of my stomach lately.) I mean's a crime to leave behind that many beans AND such a delicious piece of beef!!

1 comment:

Gloria said...

At least you have a bump for an excuse . . !!!!!