Thursday, 15 October 2009

Year 2 Day 15: Resurrection

No religious meaning behind the title...I was referring to the revival of the Ohio University hoodie from seasonal storage. The air has been a lot cooler on a night and I had to pop out to Morrisons for a bit of an emergency...paracetamol (and ice cream). My grey, zip-up hoodie is getting to the point that it doesn't stretch to cover my bump lengthwise, so I figured I would see if my trusty green one would be roomy enough...and BOY was it ever! Nevermind that the cuffs on the thing are frayed and there's a small hole on one corner of the belly-pouch pocket -- it is and will forever be my most favoured article of clothing and I will NEVER wish to part with it.

Just to provide a bit more proof that there is plenty of room in it, I had to actually pin part of it to my back to get a side-profile belly shot. 32 weeks, people...which means roughly 8 to go!!

I didn't realise any change since the last photo -- that was until I was asked by a friend of Matt's if I was growing a dinosaur in there. Wow...really?

There is a bit of a symbolic second meaning to the title today now that I think about it. I finally got the ever-so-anticipated phone call this morning from my secondary supply agency. They had a half-day post this morning for a Reception class (Kindergarten level in the US) in Wolverhampton and another full day with the same school a bit of a "resurrection of my career," in a way.

I'm back in the saddle, folks!

The morning with the little mites went pretty well. They were practising for an assembly they will be having tomorrow to celebrate Diwali -- the Hindu festival of lights. When I explained to them I would be returning to help again tomorrow, one little girl pointed to my belly asked if I would be bringing my baby. I told her he always has to come with me and she then questioned why he couldn't come out to visit them and asked if it was because he was sleeping. That seemed like a suitable answer for a five-year-old so I told her that was exactly why. She seemed satisfied with that explanation as well before waving good-bye to me.

I must admit, I love the way the little ones view things. So, back again and all.


Natalie said...

Look at that baby belly! :) You look gorgeous! And how appropriate for the hoodie to come out before OU homecoming weekend!

Oldy said...

That's funny that I don't seem to recall knowing that you were from Ohio. So is my husband, Columbus.

You look positively anorexic for 32 weeks!
I was like a barn by 20 weeks! All 3 times. :(

In the last couple weeks, over here in England I have seen several NEW mothers out with babies about a week old, and the mom's have stomachs as flat as a pancake.
WTH? (Well, here's hoping you will be one of them) :)

BTW, have you figured out a way to watch the Ohio state games online or something? If so, please share.

(oh p.s) this is Smocha from "cats on the British counter. I'm logged into my old blog.

Christine said...

Wow. We have a baby bump in the house! :)