Friday, 30 December 2011

Y4 - 91/365: Play-doh!

From his Nana and Grandad for Christmas, Ryan received an awesome play-doh kit with all sorts of cutters, stampers and a wide range of play-doh colours, including a shimmery silver and gold! Ryan doesn't yet get how fun this stuff is, but I don't imagine it will take him long to enjoy it as much as Mommy and Daddy.

We made all sorts of animals and he loved saying "roll it, roll it, roll it" when he rolled the dough. He also enjoyed making little 'poke' marks with his "pokey finger."

When Daddy popped into the kitchen for a bit, Ryan showed him the cool device that could make a tortoise!

He's much better about not eating the dough as well...even though he did have a few cheeky nibbles.

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