Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Y4 - 75/365: Proper Little Man

Since Ryan was an itty bitty, I've wanted him to have a smart-looking pea-coat, but they're always some outrageous price. So, earlier this week I placed an order on my never-before-used Vertbaudet account. I had noticed they had some fantastic deals going and I quite like the sensible and sophisticated look of their clothing.

Some of the items arrived today, including this pea-coat I had ordered in a size 2 years. I was so excited to try it on him, however, was soon disappointed to see that a size 2 in Vertbaudet runs a bit small and although it fits him now, it wouldn't for long.

I have since phoned them back and placed a replacement order for all the same items in a size 3 instead.

Matt isn't keen on the coat, but it's my "guilty-Mommy-pleasure" to dress him up all smart-looking before he's old enough to tell me how much he hates shirts with buttons and collars and refuses to wear certain SOMEone I know.

Just sayin.

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