Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Y4 - 89/365: What We Wouldn't Do For Them?

Early this morning, sometime just after 5am, Ryan had a fever. I remember him getting into bed with me and thinking that Matt would be up soon and take him back to his room. Next thing I knew, I was waking up with a 2-year-old who felt like he was on fire and Matt was spark out on the other side of him.

I woke Matt just enough to tell him to cuddle Ryan as I went downstairs to search for the thermometer and some medicine. I returned with the medicine syringe loaded with 2.5 ml of Calprofen and took a temp that read 101.7. I then stripped him down to his vest and carried him back to his own bed. For the next 2 hours I layed on the floor next to him, holding his hot little hand as he clutched his teddy, occasionally stroking his cheek and shushing him when he'd give a little moan.

When I realised the time and that he hadn't made a noise for a while, I slinked back to our room and returned to bed, but it was only in vain because I almost immediately heard Ryan call out for 'mama.' Once I got inside his room and scooped him up I could feel he was all sweaty and sticky -- the fever had broken. He then called for 'dada' so I brought him back to our room to re-dress him in his PJs and placed him to sleep on top of the duvet between us.

Imagine my surprise when our usual 8am wakeup call from Ryan passed and it was nearly 10am before he was up and being led downstairs by Daddy so I could have a little lie-in. I snoozed for about an hour and a half before realising that it was getting close to noon and wondering if Matt would keep his usual nap time.

Then my mobile rang. It was Matt telling me that he had a very droopy Ryan in his arms and that he was shivering. I threw on my clothes and came down with his medicine and the thermometer. This time the temp read 100.7 so we gave him some Calpol and a bottle of milk while he didn't budge from Daddy's lap. He didn't even acknowledge me, which is VERY unusual for him on a morning where he hasn't seen much of Mommy.

Just in case, we booked an appointment to see the GP first thing in the morning since everything was already booked for today. We stripped him back down to his vest again.

Around 3 o'clock, he woke up and just wanted to lie on the floor with his teddy. I took his temp again and it was the highest it has ever been. As soon as I read the display, 103.7, Matt said to ring the doctor's surgery back. When I told the receptionist his temp, she said they could get him in during the next hour.

Another dose of medicine, this time the Calprofen again, and some more cuddling on Mommy and lots of moaning and flopping about. Both of us were questioning what may have caused this as the only "public" place we had been was the Tesco Extra in Cradley Heath last night, so we decided it could have been something on the shopping trolley. We also texted Emma to make sure Amy was okay and not in the same condition in case it was something they had both picked up.

Just before half-three I suggested Matt fill his sippy with fresh water and a bit of squash, just enough to slightly flavour the water, since he was refusing to drink...just to keep him hydrated. No sooner did Matt leave the room that a little voice, unheard by me for most of the morning, chirped, "where Dada go?" Then I felt the sweat and watched the colour returning to his cheeks! Daddy returned with the sippy and Ryan snogged it like no tomorrow!! He was back!

Then, as if he needed to make up for all the time he was lethargic and not talking...he didn't stop moving around the room and couldn't quit chatting to us! First, he needed to give his rocking lion a quick ride...I snapped the photo between the 20-second ride and dismount, complete with growl. I believe I actually heard him "neigh" as well?

And QUICK!! Off to the cat to give him the fuss he was probably missing! I may be right though, because I certainly don't see Myst complaining.

Then ZOOM! Back over to Raa Raa's treehouse to say hello to Crocky (as the narrator's voice is instructing).

At one point he actually stops mid-lunge across the floor and shouts, "Ma," to get my attention before signing to ask for milk. Happy to have our "happy" man back, Daddy kindly obliged. He sipped his milk next to Daddy on the settee and this actual photo was taken after I asked him, "Ryan, do you love Daddy?" He then took the bottle from his mouth and replied, "Yeah, Dada. Yeah, Mama."

Bless him!

After refusing his dinner, and learning it was simply because his temp was back up to 102.4, he requested "bubbles" so we got out the machine and wands and he schooled Myst on the proper method to catching bubbles.

Surely we don't expect smooth sailing tonight when he goes down, nor do we expect a full nights' rest...but it sure is a good feeling when your child is at least acting themselves after even the smallest bout of being poorly. Otherwise, all you want to do is anything you can to make their pain and aches go away and for them to just feel better.

What we wouldn't do, eh?

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