Saturday, 17 December 2011

Y4 - 78/365: Santa - FAIL?

This year we had the brilliant plan, rather I had the brilliant plan, to get a photo of both of the kids together visiting Santa and give it to my in-laws. In my mind, I had probably pictured something a little less like what we ended up with (above). Ryan just wasn't having it. He was okay with Santa last year, but this year, even with coaxing and having Daddy in the photo, he was not okay with this guy.

Amy on the other hand thought he was pretty comfy and probably would have stayed longer if he had a bit of Peppa Pig to offer.

We did finally manage a smile in the solo photo, but I wasn't impressed with Santa's initiative to interact a bit. I suggested to Matt maybe taking Santa's seat with Ryan in his lap and Santa could have sat on the stool.

Oh well. I guess we can look back and say this was the year that he wasn't quite friends with Santa...and laugh it off.

As soon as we returned home, Ryan jumped in to the Smyth's Toys catalogue to re-think his Christmas wishlist.

Our little nut.

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