Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Y4 - 88/365: Bubble Buster

One of Ryan's Christmas gifts, from Auntie Emma & Uncle Daz was a game called Bubble Buster. It's a bubble machine that includes two, battery-operated wands with a set of metal "prongs" on the end. When the metal bits touch a bubble (creating a connection between the two), the wand makes a sound to let you know you have popped your first bubble. This continues until your wand registers that you have popped 20 bubbles at which point it gives a different, melodic indication that you are the winner.

It's quite a clever little game, really, and I would recommend one to anyone with a toddler...even if simply for the bubbles. What toddler doesn't like bubbles?!

Ryan had a go playing his new game with Daddy and had an absolute blast!

He thought by positioning himself right at the bubble-producing "entrance" that he would have the advantage...but Daddy showed no mercy!

Here's a little video of the hilarity that unfolded...behold, his technique of bashing the bubbles into submission...

Clearly you could see this game was turning him a bit saft when he began to chew on the wand itself out of frustration.

From there...just in a daze.

Still, he's gearing up and has decided to begin some hard-core, bubble-busting conditioning tomorrow. Once he is confident he will challenge his Auntie Emma & Uncle Daz to a duel...via Facebook Event Invitation...and it's going to get brutal, folks.

Let NO bubble be UN-busted!

It's on!

In other news...we've set up his foam letters and numbers in his room. Now he has a lovely and colourful decor on his floor. Not too shabby, eh? At least if he tumbles from his bed, he will have a cushy-foam landing.

Now, if I can just invent something similar that creates an effect similar to that of an electric fence, only a fraction of the voltage...meaning when nighttime-wandering-boy steps off the mat bits to proceed into our room earlier than 6:45am, he will get a small shock and/or catapult back into his own bed. Hmmmmm??

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