Sunday, 18 December 2011

Y4 - 79/365: The Party

Ryan's actual birthday isn't until tomorrow, however, with today being part of the weekend, it was a lot easier to get people together to celebrate. It just happened that we volunteered to do Sunday dinner and then decided it would be really nice to invite my in-laws, Josie & David as well, to help celebrate.

We started our morning with pressies, smallest to largest, from Mommy & Daddy. First was George Pig and his dinosaur, which made Ryan squeal and grin from ear-to-ear. He cannot say 'George' or 'pig' yet, but he does squeal and point and say "THAT!"

Daddy was so kind to help with the present unwrapping as well. In addition to George, Ryan had a Peppa Pig DVD as well as some Christmas DVDs (Frosty the Snowman, Santa Claus is Comin to Town, and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer...all favourites from Mommy's childhood), a nice set of jigsaw puzzles with a storage box, and a remote-control race car.

Not too shabby a haul for a second birthday!

Once everyone arrived the kids played in the front room while, in the kitchen, Matt worked on dinner and I made finishing touches to his very special, Raa Raa cake. Before dinner we decided to do presents from Em, Daz & Grandparents. From Auntie Emma, Uncle Daz, and Amy he had a Count 'n Crunch Cookie Monster (that we're still working on him not being too scared of) and the Elefun game (which I can't wait to play with him).

Nana and Grandad had Ryan AND Daddy in mind when they chose his gifts - two JCB toys, an electric Mega-Lift Crane and a Backhoe Loader. The boys will definitely have some fun with those! Funnily enough, Ryan was excited to finally have his own "seat" in the front room! Each time he'd unwrap a gift, he'd sit on it.

Yeah, I don't get it either.

Just before cake I was finally able to come in and enjoy a bit of the kids' playing together. Apparently Miss Amy was loving the slide! Just look at that gorgeous smile!

And Ryan was concentrating VERY hard...

...showing everyone how his car worked! was time for cake!'s Raa Raa!

Ryan was an excellent candle-blower-outer. In fact, he probably did it at least 3 times (since Matt kept lighting the candle for him after he'd shout, "Yay...a-gehhhh (again)!").

Look at him...clapping his success!

A little video of everyone singing 'Happy Birthday!'

It wasn't long after the cake that everyone said their goodbyes and it was back to just the three of us once again.

Matt and I watched as our (almost) 2-year-old  as he played with one of his balloons and stole cookies out of Cookie Monsters backpack to give to US to feed him. We can both honestly say this is one of the best "family" days together, BY FAR, and we're so happy and fortunate to have everyone share in his special day (even if it is technically tomorrow).

Thank you so much David, Josie, Emma, Daz and Amy!

Ryan says, "BEST. Birthday. EVER!"

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