Thursday, 22 December 2011

Y4 - 83/365: That's Our Boy!

In order to promote a little independence, I like to encourage Ryan to do some things on his own. These include brushing his teeth (we model when we brush ours), washing up in the bath, and removing clothing (such as his bib and socks). I also find that allowing him to do these things bypasses any potential tantrums because he feels that he is in control and ultimately they are life skills he needs to know.

The past month, he has been showing increasing interest in getting himself dressed in the morning. So, this morning when I popped upstairs to retrieve some trousers to go with his Mickey Mouse top, he decided he wanted to wear his PJ bottoms with it instead -- only, as you can see, he had two of his leg in one leg of the bottoms.

Nearly there.

But then he kept standing to pull the waistband up and tried taking off to run -- falling each time! It was a pretty hilarious moment, so naturally I had the camera on hand and managed to get this action shot. He was literally airborne! You would think after falling once or twice he would get discouraged and stop doing it...but no. This is Ryan we're talking he did it over and over for about 5 minutes. He finally conceded and handed his PJ bottoms to me saying, "Deh, mama." ("There, Mama.")

Later, while I finished addressing Christmas cards, he played with his favourite, orange 'Birthday' balloon. He pulled this face (above) at one point when I told him off for trying to chew on the nub where it was tied. He does this face now when we tell him to stop doing something -- head down and pouty lip.

Sorry mate, doesn't work with us.

Mickey Mouse on the telly was enough to distract him, however, and he happily went back to shaking the balloon and dancing...without taking his eyes off the tv, of course.

After Daddy was home, he helped us set up Elefun so he could sneak upstairs and unload the Christmas presents from our closet and bring them down for me to wrap while Ryan was in bed.

There is something you should know if you ever have the opportunity to play Elefun with Ryan. First of all, he doesn't even try (for now) to catch the little "butterflies" when they fly out of the nose. He shakes the net like mad and shrieks like a banshee while jumping around. It's quite comical. Also, you need to be on your guard. He uses two nets to increase his odds and he's not against thieving the "butterflies" from your own net and claiming them as his own.

Be warned.

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