Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Y4 - 82/365: Speedy Delivery!

So, Ryan's replacement Converse arrived today!! I had him try them on and they're a perfect now they're back in the box and ready to be wrapped for Christmas.

We're so lucky he is still at the age that he is just happy to be unwrapping presents and doesn't remember (or care) that he has seen or touched it before.

Since today's theme seemed to be 'deliveries' we also received quite a large parcel from my Aunt Therese, Uncle Burl, and cousins Ashley and Zach. Inside was a surprise for Ryan for Christmas that he will absolutely love...and this precious ornament with all of our names! We daren't put it on the tree this year with how Ryan uses our tree for target practise with his it now sits proudly on the mantle.

Also on the mantle (FINALLY) are our stockings! I was fed up late this afternoon and since the weather is a bit more mild, we trekked down to Wilkinson's for their "charity case" £1 stockings. They're so pathetic looking and Matt was surprised I even spent £1 on each of them, but I couldn't find stockings anywhere that weren't asking £5 or more...and that's not in our budget at the moment. So, they will do for now.

Not long now! I can't wait for Christmas!

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