Friday, 9 December 2011

Y4 - 70/365: "Nana, Nee" (Banana, please)

He saw me holding a banana (intended for him) this morning and immediately started signing 'please' and asking "Nana, nee," with his words. He loves his 'nanas!

Also, he may have gone down alright last night, but he woke just before midnight with a harsh-sounding cough and fever so I decided to call it a night myself. Daddy came to the rescue with some Meltus and Calpol and Ryan snuggled with me in bed. He then woke nearly every hour until 5am and the last time he was soaked through his PJs with sweat, meaning his fever had finally I needed to go down to get a change of clothes and get him sorted. We then went from 5 until 9am without a peep, which is unheard of for "up with the sun" Ryan.

Still, the first thing he wanted to do within five minutes of waking this morning...?


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