Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Y4 - 68/365: Brr!

The weather has been getting increasingly colder which means our little outings are starting to be affected. I really need to get out and walk so I can keep my activity levels up and the fresh air is really beneficial to Ryan. If walking isn't an option, however, then we dance. This is something Ryan absolutely loves and he was doing it so much this morning that he AND his plushies needed to take a breather.

We did manage to get out in the afternoon after his dinner, but our attempted walk to Haden Hill Park, down a very steep Waterfall Lane, was unsuccessful as we would have ended up walking home in the dark by the time we'd leave.

So, we took the train from Old Hill Station.

It gave Ryan's cheeks a little break from the chill outside and saved us a walk back up that stinkin hill. Once we arrived at Rowley Regis station, three minutes later, it wasn't long before we were back inside our own toasty, warm house.

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