Monday, 19 December 2011

Y4 - 80/365: The Birthday

Happy Birthday to our darling son, Ryan!! He's TWO today and it feels like we only just blinked from when he first came into our lives.

To start the day, his red, hi-top, Converse All-Stars arrived! We weren't expecting them until after Christmas so I was elated that we received them so soon! I had him try them on right away to see how they looked.

The problem? You may or may not be able to see from this photo, but they were WAY too big! I ordered a size 6, the box said size 6, the receipt said size 6, but when I looked on the bottom of the shoe it read 'size 8!'

I had to ring the catalogue company and arrange a return and exchange for the correct who knows when the correct pair will arrive. They estimate the 6th of February.

After his lunch this afternoon we decided to break out the fingerpaints.

He only tried to eat them a couple of times before deciding the bad taste wasn't worth putting his hands in his mouth.

Between the events of yesterday and today, I'd say Ryan has definitely had a very Happy Birthday!

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