Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Y4 - 74/365: Welcome Home, Ole Yeller

Since we have had this high chair, it has lived at Em & Daz's because we eat most Sunday dinners there. Here at home we would just rely on the Bumbo with the tray (which he can now escape) and Ryan would have his dinner and tea with us in the front room. However, it's now back home with us and a Godsend it is!

Finally I can get things done in the kitchen...like laundry and washing up...without having to worry that Ryan is out of my sight and getting into mischief. I just give him some crayons or markers and he's happy as a clam to sit and "Kuh-woh."

Granted, after today when I gave him marker pens, I have a bit more cleaning up even after my cleaning up is done...but at least I know he isn't standing on the computer desk or scaling the flatscreen telly!

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