Thursday, 29 December 2011

Y4 - 90/365: It's All About the Bubbles!

As expected, Ryan woke in the night with a temperature. It was only just over 101, so I gave him some medicine, stripped him down and cuddled with him in our bed since Matt was still awake and downstairs on the Xbox. By the time Matt came to bed, his fever had broken so we re-clothed him and Matt took him back to his bed and tucked him in.

I was back up with him in the morning (when he woke up chatting about bubbles) to give Matt a turn for a lie-in and just after Ryan and I got downstairs I noticed that the postman had been. He dropped a parcel over the gate since our gate was still shut and when I went to retrieve it, I noticed it was from my Aunt Lisa in America. Immediately Ryan wanted to see what was inside, so we opened it to find a Christmas card, a cute new outfit along with a stripey jumper and a couple of books; Thomas & another that was a series of Little Bear stories. Thank you, Auntie Lisa & Uncle Tracey!!

Right away Ryan ran off to investigate his Thomas book!

He went down for a nap around half-twelve but slept only maybe 45 minutes or so. Shortly after he was up, so was his temp off came the long-sleeves and in went the medicine.

It wasn't long until he was feeling better once again and he even managed to sneak the bubble machine down from the top of the bookshelf (when I was out of the room in the kitchen) and carefully carried it to the window ledge, without spilling, to play with his bubbles. That's how you know this child is feeling better...when he's non-stop about his bubbles!

He seemed fine the rest of the day, and while he cuddled his teddy lots and lots, his temp didn't seem to change. Let's hope this means he is on the mend!

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