Thursday, 30 June 2011

Y3 - 273/365: Mission Impossible...Or Was It?

We can start with this afternoon when I made an attempt at cleaning up the mess that 'Little Boss' caused. I thought maybe if I played some music (Mission Impossible theme), like they do in nurseries/reception at "tidy-up time" that in time it would be a signal for Ryan and he would know it was time to clean up.

Instead what I got was..."Cool music, Mommy! has a beat and I can DANCE to it!!"

And in news of other missions...I have been on one all week to buy Ryan a new pair of trainers for the summer, but Monday was Bingo with Em & myself, Tuesday we got home late so gave it a miss, and then last night Matt went on a "man-date" with Daz to see the new Transformers film. This only left tonight and the weekend so after Matt returned home and got changed, off to Merry Hill we went and off to Sports Direct.

We found the CUTEST pair of Adidas trainers for such a bargain!

It's a good job we went when we did as well because we had Ryan's feet measured in Clark's and he is now up from a size 3.5G from 6 months ago to a size 5G! Wow, that's fast!


Valerie said...

Haha, love the music idea!

Meg said...

If anything, the music may not have worked to motivate him to tidy up...but it worked to keep him dancing while *I* tidied up...HA!