Thursday, 23 June 2011

Y3 - 266/365: Are You My Mother?

"HOLD STILL, Mommy! I want to drive my car up your arm and onto your FACE!"

Bossy, little so-and-so he can be sometimes!

I found some interactive books by joining the Bookstart Book Club and logging on to the website. One of Ryan's favourite books, 'Honey Hill Noisy Day,' was on there with sounds that went along with the instruments the children in the story played. Ryan was very intrigued (as you can tell).

I even pulled it over to the TV screen for him to watch, and when the music came on at the end he danced and danced. His second favourite thing to reading...or a close tie?

Our tea was a lovely shepherd's pie that Matt made. Ryan scarfed his and even though he was so exhausted and even fell asleep IN his actual bowl, he would still practically feed himself in his sleep!! I tried to get a shot with my camera, but by then the drowsy-eye feeling had passed and he was awake again. Because he was so sleepy, we decided to skip a bath and 'Baby Bear' story for the night and just get him up.

Tonight's selection was 'Are You My Mother?' and again, awake going into his cot and fast asleep by the time I left.

Night Three: SCORE! On a roll!

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