Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Y3 - 265/365: Just a Little Story...

If there is one thing that consistently stands for Ryan, it's that he LOVES his books! Some kids are happy to watch the telly or need constant stimulation and interaction with another person (and he is like this as well) but he absolutely adores sitting, or laying, down with a good book...

...even, and sometimes especially, if this means it is all on his own on the other side of the room. (I wondered why it was suddenly quiet.)

After his nap, and before Daddy got home, we took a walk through the park. I used his rucksack with the lead -- but not to "walk" him. I'm trying to get him used to walking and holding onto the pushchair on his own or holding someone's hand. The lead is purely there to keep him from getting too far should he decide to make a break for it. It came in handy when a punk teenager decided the walking path was a good place to whizz past us on his crappy moped.


When we got back, Matt decided on omelets for dinner. Ryan didn't agree and chose to wipe his, grease and all, through his hair. So, instead he got a chicken sandwich so he wasn't going to bed on an empty stomach.

I did the new routine in his bedroom again and tonight's story was 'Put Me In The Zoo' by Dr Seuss. After last night's episode with lying flat to have his bottle, I decided to carry on allowing him to have his bottle in my arms -- after all, he's only this small for so long and I want to cherish the time. Plus, now that I am no longer breastfeeding (we stopped Sunday, at 18 months), it's a good transition so he can still feel close to Mommy.

When he finished his bottle he was still awake but drowsy so I gave him a kiss and put him in his cot with his sheep. He rolled over and faced the wall with his back toward me. I finished the story and when I peeked in to tuck him in, he was spark out!

Night Two: Success!

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jennifereastman1973 said...

Wow! How great that you made breast feeding til 18 months. I stopped at 14 months because we are in the process of moving and I didn't want the headache of traveling and pumping without child as we looked at one of our relocation options. I truly enjoy watching Ryan grow up through your blog.