Sunday, 26 June 2011

Y3 - 269/365: Feelin' Hot, Hot, Hot!

If there's one thing I have learned in my near 3 years living with the British, it's that they will complain about how little sun the country receives...and then when they finally DO get some of this unheard of sun, they then complain about how hot it is and they can't handle it! (Hubby's words...not mine. Love you, British peeps!)

Not sure what the temp was exactly today...but suffice it to say it was warm enough that we lasted all of five minutes in the garden at Em & Daz's around 3 o'clock. We chose to first stay indoors, have our tea, and try again after the garden was more forgiving and the location of the sun provided us with a bit of shade.

We were met with the surprise of a super-fun bouncy castle for the kiddos! Amy had a blast and Ryan took a bit of Aunty Emma climbed inside. Here he shouts at her from the outside.

Ryan did take some time out to smell the flowers...but carried on squawking and chasing "kee-cahs" and balls from the ball pit around the garden.

"Look what I found, Mommy!"

And here it appears he's attempting to make friends with Ash and coax him over with the promise of plastic eggs. Hmm.

It wasn't long before both kiddos had their fill and Ryan was questioning, "Why is Daddy inside the bouncy castle, Mommy?"

Weather permitting, looks like we have a good source of entertainment for the little ones next month for Miss Amy's 2nd birthday!

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