Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Y3 - 264/365: Exhausting Work

After individually saying "nigh-nigh" by waving to all the animals in his bedtime story, a bit of a change was implemented with the bedtime routine...the main part being it will ALL now take place in Ryan's room rather than making a switch from feeding in our room to carrying him, asleep, to his cot in his room.

I had managed to have him lying down in his cot and eyes beginning to droop before he had a change of heart and stood up for one last Mommy-cuddle (or "cuggle" as he calls it). The moment he stood up he rapid-fire projectile vomited FOUR times and it landed all down his vest and sleep sack, all over the floor, on my legs and feet, and down the bars of his cot. Matt had not long been out to pop round to a friend, so I immediately requested his quick return.

Thankfully it wasn't long and I tried my best to keep Ryan in 'sleep-mode' even though I could see, from the corner of my eye, that he was wide awake. So we went and grabbed his sheep and I layed him on a pillow on our bed to see if I could get him to nod off. I lay next to him with my arm around his waist, waiting for his eyes to droop...but instead, I hear Matt trapsing back and forth across the landing as he was between the bedroom and bathroom cleaning up the sick and Ryan points toward the door and mumbles (in Ryan-speak) "What's that," before he gently put an arm around his sheep and shut his eyes!

He's just TOO sweet! It was a shame to disturb him.

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American in Bath said...

Oh, poor kid. Poor you. I hope that everyone is well and the new routine is adjusting nicely.