Friday, 10 June 2011

Y3 - 253/365: It's Heeeeere!

After debating with myself (yes, I did this) for months over whether or not to get Ryan one of these Amber Teething Necklaces, I consulted with Dear Husband over the recent 'bout with toothy peg numbers 8 and 9 and we decided to give it a go. Then when I checked the post this afternoon I discovered a small, brown padded envelope and knew right then it had arrived!

They don't actually chew on the necklace, but rather wear it (preferably against bare skin, under clothes). When it warms against the skin it releases soothing oils that are absorbed into the bloodstream and it provides a calming and relaxing effect to aid during times of sickness or teething. It's a natural remedy as opposed to dosing up with medication -- which quite frankly hasn't worked too well with Ryan.

We will have to see in a few days' time if the necklace has had any effect or made much of a difference in our son's temperament.

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Kim said...

I have a friend who has had one of these on her baby since day one and she swears by it. Hope it works!