Sunday, 5 June 2011

Y3 - 248/365: Monkey Forest

Despite the sporadic, light rain today, we made the trip up to Trentham to check out The Monkey Forest with our own little monkeys! Ryan watched and pointed from his pushchair and I'm sure he thought they were just big cats or something.

This is the first "close up" one I spotted and he or she was about 10 feet from us as we walked along the path! Yep...just chillin and munching on some grass. Not a care in the world!

We stayed in one area to watch a little presentation and feeding talk by one of the park workers there. You could see some of the "older" babies, one of which (centre) was hitching a ride on its mommy's back. Ryan even burst out into laughter after two of the males were seen chasing after one another playfully.

They're so used to humans just walking around and snapping photos that it doesn't even phase them at all. We even saw one walk right up to a man who was sitting down along the path and reach out to touch his leg before a park worker shoo'ed it off.

It would have been a bit better if it hadn't been so gloomy and wet, but it didn't keep us from seeing our fair share of monkeys! I definitely want to try to go back when the weather prediction is a bit more accurate.

On the way home we stopped in at The Round Oak Pub near Merry Hill to have a nice roast dinner. Ryan ate his like a champ and proceeded to play with my mobile when he was finished. I was quite proud for this being his first time out to eat at a restaurant!

He likes holding it to his ear and mumbling something close to "hello" only sounding more like "huh-whoa."

Since we skipped afters at the pub, we made sure he got his yummy treat of yogurt when he returned home.

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