Thursday, 16 June 2011

Y3 - 259/365: Simple Things

Matt pointed out a double-rainbow tonight. The second one is only faint, but definitely there.

I had a Year 1 class this morning. They were reviewing how to add two-digit numbers by partitioning. This is something that isn't usually touched on until Year 2, which explains why so many of the children just didn't get it. We spent two and a half lessons going over it and it felt like they finally began to get it and actually enjoy it a bit just before they left for dinner.

In the staff room at dinner I met another supply teacher who has a daughter with the same birthday as Ryan! We chatted the whole break about our kids and how much they make us laugh. If only I would have gotten her name...

My afternoon was simple. I was in Nursery making Father's Day Cards with the little ones and playing with some play-dough with small groups.

It always makes me miss Ryan when I'm with the little ones.

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