Friday, 1 July 2011

Y3 - 274/365: My "Silly Sausage" not quite sure why he finds THIS position so comfortable?

Uneventful day anyway. Ryan was off to the childminder first thing this morning so it left me wide open to get lots done without him freaking every time I left the room or without coming downstairs to find him somewhere he shouldn't be, as I now need to watch him like a hawk!

I managed to finish sorting and clear out boxes of baby clothes from both our room and Ryan's and get them into the closet neatly -- with room to spare!! I hoovered both rooms (even under our bed and his cot) as well as the hallway and landing. I then headed downstairs to hoover the front room and tidy and I got a few loads of washing finished. I was just about to start on dishes when the boys walked through the door, so I got my kiss from the big one and chased the little one around for my other kiss.

While Daddy got changed out of his work clothes, and subsequently fell asleep rested his eyes, Ryan and I had a bit of a gander in the garden. He's really sure of himself now and doesn't reach up to hold my hand as much as before. He's learning to march, taking BIG steps off the ground and even managing some small hops.

After dinner he was up for bath & bed and I didn't even have to sit next to his cot tonight. He finished his milk, wiped his own face and clung to my shoulder clutching his monkey and sheep while I picked him up placed him in his cot awake and gave him a small kiss. He then rolled over on his belly while I covered him with a blanket and his eyes immediately shut. I lingered for a moment to guage whether or not I should take a seat, but then made my way slowly out the door and shut it behind me all the while thinking, "Nice!"

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