Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Y3 - 244/365: Now It's Time to Play Our Game...

I found Ryan watching TV this way when I came in from watering the plants this morning. Matt and I have decided this weekend we will be getting him a chair of some sort...maybe a rocker...since he likes to overturn his Leapfrog Musical Table all the while and use it as a seat.

He woke up a bit late today, but was also up at 4am, which is now out of character. Perhaps it's the toothy-peg takeover again?

We thought we might head out on the bus somewhere today. Maybe to Merry Hill so I can buy some new jeans or maybe even just to the park. By the time we got around to seriously thinking about it...and by "we" I mean 'just myself,' it was the end of the day and Matt was home from work. Ryan promptly "stole" Daddy's keys and shook them to see if they made the same sound as Mommy's.

We still managed a bath and story with Daddy at a decent hour. He gets SO excited for his Noisy Day book now because Daddy lets him open the curtains and "start the show" at the end!

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