Monday, 6 June 2011

Y3 - 249/365: The New Blackheath Community Library

The New Blackheath Library opened on the High Street in Blackheath last Monday, but I was working so I wasn't able to take Ryan down to check it out. During our trip today we picked up a book about tractors (which is a new word that Ryan recognises -- he doesn't say it, but recognises it thanks to his own John Deere tractor sent from Nanny). We also got a book about Noisy Farm Animals and the story Baby Bear, Baby Bear, What Do You See?

Ryan picked each of these off the shelf, along with some paperbacks that I promptly returned to their rightful place. I decided that 3 was a sufficient number for the moment for him to check out (on Mommy's card, of course).

We also signed up for the Bookstart Book Crawl where he only has to make 3 more visits to the library by mid-July and he will receive a prize!

He certainly wasted no time when we returned home. Straight into his books, he was...turning page after page while Mommy read 'The Sheep says Baa!' and 'The cow goes moo!'

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