Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Y3 - 271/365: Bee In Your Bonnet?

Ryan has a new fascination, among many developing each day. Today's was things that started with the letter 'b' and sound /b/. From 'bee' to 'bottle' and right down to the 'bird' he was watching outside, he loves all things beginning with B...and he calls them ALL...'baa baa baa.'

Which is awesome, because it really distinguishes what is what!

Speaking of 'bees.' Mommy "forced" him into wearing his little rucksack 'bee' rain hat so she could get a photo to show someone. He wasn't for this game AT ALL!

(For funsies...a little vid I took of Mr Chatty tonight at bedtime...)


Natalie said...

:) Aww, what a cutie! Love that little belly sticking out! BTW you're starting to sound a little British, Meg! :)

Meg said...

I'm sounding like I'm suffering from hayfever, hehe. In fairness though, I have been told my intonations have changed a bit. So I don't have an accent, but my inflection is different.

When in Rome, I suppose!