Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Y3 - 243/365: He's All Boy!

It has been said several times that our Ryan is "all boy" meaning everything that you would stereotypically think of when you think of a boy is what he is. He's loud, rough, active, determined, sometimes demanding, impatient...but then at the same time can be completely sweet and loving! I love all of these things about him! I love he has such enthusiasm during a game playing with his ball that he runs (or crawls) to go fetch it and then lets out a mighty roar of laughter before he throws it back at --er, I mean, TO me,

I love the times when he is deep in thought (or just chewing on his donnies) and he stands so still. It's likely he's peeing or even trying to do a poo...but I love it about him!

I love that he has a desire to want to help take out the rubbish...or at least throw his nappies in the bin bag. He actually gets upset when he isn't the one to throw it in, so he can take it quite seriously. But he is ever so clever when you tell him to take it into the kitchen and throw it in the bin. He knows exactly where and what you're on about.

And I love that he can not only do many, many things independently...but that he KNOWS when it is time for bed no matter where he is in the house. He knows that when Mommy starts singing "Goodnight, Ryan" it is time to go upstairs (if he is downstairs) or to walk over to Mommy to be picked up and taken in to be fed elsewhere. He knows he brushes his teeth as well and that if Mommy signs 'bath' he goes into the bathroom to get lathered and shampoo'ed...and often tries to drink the soapy bubbles from one of his bath toy heads.

I suspect I will miss these things as he grows up.

The clever little 'nana!

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