Friday, 7 January 2011

Y3 - 99/365: My Favourite Bedtime Story

I promise he's fine...just REALLLY concentrating on something on the telly. There's a segment on Nick Jr. called 'My Favourite Bedtime Story' where they tell stories from different cultures, read by a child's parent who is from a different country. The story is 'acted out' with textured paper-characters on the child's duvet while you see the parent reading in the background.

Very clever cinematography, actually.

Ryan loves it so much it puts him in a trance!

And for anyone wondering...Ryan's two favourites are 'Peekaboo Baby' and 'Dot and Dash Go to Bed.' He particularly enjoys lifting the flaps in 'Peekaboo Baby' and will anticipate that when you read 'Puppy is grumpy. Are you grumpy too?' the girl behind the flap in the pink snowsuit is grumpy and says 'Hmph!' He will actually say 'hmmmph' before you turn the page to that part!

Makes me giggle inside every time!

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